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Early diagnosis is the key to a good outcome.

Without an appropriate diagnosis, no treatment would solve your chronic back problems.

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  •  Back pain hampers your daily basis?
  • Has it caused you to cease practising your favourite sports and activities?
  • Have pain-relieving effects of medication worn off any longer ?

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  • Tired of years hearing about your spine unsolvable problem? Skip resignation, don´t cope with pain.
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  • Did you go through open spine surgery and your pain persists? In need of advanced spine surgery?
  • You cannot afford long-term sick leave.
  • Stop suffering while waiting for an appointment with the NHS.


¿How can I optimize your spine treatment results?


Accurate diagnosis is the key element of the overall treatment

There is an increasing number of patients who arrive to my examination room after had been going through unnecessary back pain for long due to misdiagnosis.

From my professional insight,  proper diagnosis maximizes results and becomes essential to determine which treatment will be the most effective and alleviate your discomfort.


The less invasive procedure, the better option for you

If your spine problem can be tackled through non-invasive treatment, that would be the first choice.

If surgery is finally required, then less invasive intervention will be implemented to reduce unnecessary soreness and get the best results. 


Endoscopic surgery, the most advanced technique

If surgery is the best option for your medical case, minimally invasive techniques like spine endoscopy are the procedure that  is to be currently followed. This is the most advanced intervention to treat vertebral disc prolapse and spinal stenosis, allowing you to walk out the hospital painless and unaided just 6 hours after surgery. 


Experience, mastery and high success rate.

Accumulated years of domain expertise, acquired surgical dexterity and patients’ satisfying reports have ranked me as one of the few advanced surgeons who is qualified to troubleshoot any problem and end your back pain in a quick and long-lasting way.  


Get back your quality of life

Try to picture a painless daily routine.
Walk outdoors with your partner without discomfort. No more stops along the way
Return to sports and to your favourite activities, feel yourself in good shape again.
No more endless nights, get a restful sleep once and for all.
No further thinking about back pain, it will be no longer part of your everyday life.

That day is closer than you imagine. No more waiting, act now.

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Dr. Lizón

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A professional commitment is established with my patients. The most advanced and safe techniques will enable you to resolve spine problems, now within your reach. This dedication has turned me into one of the first surgeons in Spain to intervene vertebral disc prolapse and spinal stenosis through endoscopic surgery. This technique has been labelled as the future of spinal surgery because the duration of the intervention is minimised, any possible complication is prevented and the recovery period is shortened.

Like the rest of my patients, you will also get doubly relieved. In one hand , there won’t be concerns about the surgery thanks to its safeness and non-invasive procedure. On the other, the result of your pain relief will be so immediate that you will be able to walk again painlessly the very day of the surgery.

Let me help you address your spine problems, get your mobility back and forget about your back pain.

Dr. José Francisco Lizón

  • Orthopaedic surgeon. Spine and minimally invasive surgical specialist.
  •  Accumulated experience. Minimally invasive surgical specialist since 2017.
  • Head of the Spine Department of the Hospital Marina Salud in Denia since 2015.
  • Member of the SECOT (Orthopaedic Surgery Spanish Society

sociedad ortopédica trauma

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